Friday, January 29, 2016

Update for the "Ferrari Mad Max" work.

I made an update of this work for the "Desert" issue of the Weathering Magazine. I repainted the whole base, which had a rather simple look, using Nature effects from AMMO weathering products as well as pigments. I also added some desert vegetation, also from AMMO. And a couple of yellow lines in the road, I like that touch. I want to add a few complements to the base, as a road sign of some kind and other stuff to make it more interesting. I´ll do it when I have some time but for now it looks nice enough.

I also updated the car with finer weathering effects to improve the look. First of all I added some splashes of dry mud in the lower chassis and behind the wheels.

I also added more mud and dust dirt to the wheels as well as oil stains.

Some rainmarks where applied to the sides of the vehicle.

And finally I added dust accumulations in some horizontal zones using pigments.

The final look with the new base and the improved weathering is much better than before, don´t you think?

Sunday, April 5, 2015

ENCYCLOPEDIA of Aircraft Modelling Techniques

After several years of hard work (I mean it, believe me) building and shooting step by step the work in progress of the models; contacting with the Wild Bunch of collaborators; and finally assembling , writing, designing and editing the books (thanks a lot to the skilled and professional staff from AMMO of Mig Jimenez) the ENCYCLOPEDIA of Aircraft Modelling Techniques is here.

The Vol.1 is already on sale! The following volumes will be published every 3 months.
You can order the Vol.1: Cockpits, here for 25€: 

Or you can subscribe for the 5 volumes saving 25€, and get a free extra volume only for subscribers: The Encyclopedia Subscription

This Encyclopedia is not directed to one specific type of modeller. Every stage of the modelling process is explained so can be followed by new modellers, but also includes techniques more suitable for advanced modellers. I myself have learned a lot of new tricks from the collaborator modellers, apart from experimenting new products and tools.
The different sections of the volumes are explained with very detailed step by step sequences of each phase. This was the intention from the beginning, to offer something impossible to show in a magazine or an individual book due to the space limits. This is what has turned this Encyclopedia into something unique but extremely hard to develop.

The Encyclopedia of Aircraft Modelling Techniques is published in English and Spanish:
Volume 1: Cockpits, 124 pages
Volume 2: Interiors and Assembly, 168 pages
Volume 3: Painting, 168 pages
Volume 4: Weathering, 160 pages
Volume 5: Final Steps, 124 pages
Volume Extra: Full Process on an aircraft, 48 pages (only for subscribers)

And for you, stats lovers as me, here are some numbers:
-5 volumes, plus an extra volume only for subscribers.
- More than 750 pages.
- More than 3500 photos.
-20 modellers
-15 main models and a lot of complimentary models.

Such a huge work couldn´t have be done by just one modeller. A lot of friends have contributed in this project. My deepest gratitude and admiration to all of them.
Ricardo Rodríguez, JD. Cabrera and Miguel Brito have helped me with the development of the main content.
Mig Jimenez and Carlos Cuesta have leaded and guided the project through the many difficulties with patience and determination.
And the Wild Bunch of excellent modellers that have participated in the Encyclopedia with their models and step-by-step tutorials are (alphabetically):
Alex Glass "Uschi van der Rosten"
Alex Kontiveis
Antonio Morant "Nono"
Artur Oslizlo "Arkady 72"

Chuck Wojtkiewicz
Francisco  Soldán
Jamie "Haggis" Haggo
JM. Villalba
Juan Manuel Villegas
Kamil Feliks Sztarbala
Mark D. Smith
Mig Jimenez
Oishi S. Natapong "Oishi Modeller"
Ralph Riese
Rick Lawler
Vini Pompeo
Zdenko Bugan